Monday, 18 January 2010

Joining Some Sites ,Reading, Confusion, Cravings

I have joined a couple of sites and been all over the net looking for god knows what exactly.
Release I think.

I can't keep this in any longer, I have to find away to release all the pent up heat.
I want a man to take me and take me till my will breaks and caves to his.

I guess I am confused..............a lot, and scared....................... a little.

I have read a lot of blogs and realise that there are a lot of very, very expert men out there, true Masters.

Even just writing this and thinking about some of them I am getting a tingle, my nipples are growing hard and I am sucking my fingers on my right hand after I have just slipped them into my hot wet hole.

There is a Master out there for me, ones whose feet I can knee at, whose cock I can crave and whose Mastery of me will enslave me to him. When he selects me, he will find that while I want to be his pleasure slave and do his bidding that I expect, knowing me I will be a total pain and hard work. But I so want to try.

I know that I don't just want to be spanked, that's just a small part of what I want.

Oh the confusion is driving me mad...what is a girl to do?

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Now That's What I Call Serving My Master.

A slaves writings to her Master, words of devotion, servitude and love. I loved this it made me begin to realise what being a slave would mean and what hopefully would be demanded of me.

If only I could find my Master, in order to learn this. To be able to show my devotion and commitment.

Ways to make this slut simmer

101 Ways to Keep a Slave Simmering

Send her an e-mail at work. It just needs to contain one word. Care to venture at a guess?
Tell her what to wear for the day.
Send her to bed before she asks to go.
Master the art of a piercing stare and then use it.
Claim her lips with a spontaneous kiss.
Pat her bottom in public.
Pinch her nipple through her clothes.
Have her wear something under her clothes that you both know
takes her to the edge. Then sit through a nice, leisurely dinner.
Order on her behalf and without consulting her.
Make her refer to herself in third person.
Call her by her pet name in front of others.
Quiet her with a kiss.
Command her silence.
Make her beg for permission to speak.
Pet her in public.
Undress her slowly.
Take away her "touching" privileges.
Rediscover blindfolds.
Have her sleep leashed.
Lift her chin with your finger.
Ask her what she is and wait for her reply.
Deny her clothes in your presence.
Make her look into your eyes.
Look into her eyes.
Share her.
Fling her onto the bed.
Look at her closely and steadily, unwavering.
Inspect her randomly.
Leave a toy on the bed... turned on.
Have her bathe you.
Bathe her and tuck her in without allowing her to play.
Ask her to buy batteries for her favourite toy. She knows or at least expects what will happen some time that day, but has no idea of when.
Spank her on her bare bottom with your bare hand.
Massage her body then caress it with a flogger.
Growl softly in her ear.
Take her by the wrist openly and go for a walk without releasing it.
Give her rules to follow.
Let her hear you say, "I am pleased."
Correct her publicly and privately.
Grab her hair and use it to control her.
Pet her head like the beast she is.
Command her to serve on her knees in front of strangers.
Draw a finger over her flesh.
Place your hand on her belly, flat palm to it.
Tap your boot against her inner thigh indicating to her you want them wider.
Slowly lean to kiss lips brushing them lightly without letting the Woman return the kiss.
Tell her not to move a muscle while you inspect her.
Keep her on her hands and knees, your left hand wrapped in her hair, right hand around her throat as you make her wait and anticipate when you will enter her.
Make her wear a butt plug through a lunch date.
For a whole day make a slave not look at your face, if she does... whip her for it.
Make her finger herself to the point of climax then make her stop. 50 times
Bring a minx to the point of climax then stop it only to bring her up again & again till you desire to let her release.
Have her wear a remote vibrator and use it in public.
Have her wear Ben Wa balls to work.
Make her read dirty stories aloud.
Tell her and allow her to pamper your feet and kiss them.
Make her crawl instead of walk.
Make her serve without using her hands.
Scold her.
Do not give her a separate plate at some meals but feeds her off yours. Make her sit at your feet and beg like the bitch she is, throw her scraps.
Leave some thing like your knife or your paddle secretly in her underwear drawer to let her know you will use it that night.
Flog her lightly with a rose as a builder for something more.
Play perverted hide and seek but only the slave hides. If you finds her she gets whatever, a flogging, or spanking, or whatever you desire.
Perverted hide and seek version 2, Take her to the woods strip her naked except for hiking boots and give her a head start. If you can hunt her down and find her, she get the works.
Some evenings, keep her on a leash and take her with You no matter what You do....even if You do not speak to her or include her in Your activities.
Call her and have her masturbate for you over the phone.
Speak of her as though she were not present.
Teach her things in a fatherly way.
Assign her a task each day and make sure its done by day's end.
Make her keep a journal of her journey to submission.
Treat her like a pet in front of friends, making her present herself, turn herself, etc.
Bring her to tears.
Tickle her.
Specify exactly how she will address you in private and in public.
Interrupt whatever she is doing and use her roughly and selfishly then have her finish what she was doing.
Have her call you each day at a specified time. No excuses allowed.
Buy her slave bells and make her wear them everyday.
Keep a list of her transgressions in a little book....let her slip for a while...thinking You are not noticing.....then one day, bring out the book and have a day of atonement.
Never let her use your name. In public have an alternate title she can use in place of Master.
Make her crawl to bed.
Make her keep a list of her transgressions throughout the day and then have her read them aloud to you.
Make her wear a wireless remote vibrator and play with the vibration level as she is followed in the store.
Make her masturbate in a public place as you hide knowing she knows you are watching.
Send her to flirt with a stranger while you watch.
Give her a topic and make her write a naughty story.
Have her sleep at the foot of the bed.
Have her kiss your feet in front of others.
Have her list the top 10 things that drive her wild and she wants to do.
Pick one to act on randomly for the next 10 days letting her see which one you crossed out and which ones remain.
Tell her to drop a button on her blouse in public
Send her back to change into a shorter skirt just before you both leave for dinner that night.
Send her to the restroom at dinner, tell her to bring you back her panties, in her hand.
Review number 22, and then open all the blinds in the house.
Take her out in her collar in public.
Tie her, then get out a feather and tease her with it.
Speak about features of her body to a friend while she is there, without acknowledging her.
Call her randomly to see what she has gotten done for the day.
Have her wear nipple restraints under her clothes in public.
Send her to an adult store with very specific details on exact items to get.
Tell her she may not speak, only whimp

Friday, 15 January 2010


I have just found this most amazing site HERE

This is something else I know nothing about but Oh it is so on my wish list to do or should I say have done to me.

Again this is something that I have just stumbled on. HERE

I have sent away for some of this.
I will report back to you as to how I got on with it. lol

King Of Wishes

Even the King liked to get in on the act, well OK so this was just for a film, but I do wonder how many women would love to swap places with her....Form an orderly queue ladies, preferably behind me!!!!
My wish I found this today and can honestly say I LOVED IT!!!!!!
I really; really love the way this is shot, the way the man stays so in control, keeping his voice calm and steady, always in control. I expect that it is too tame for many people, and even to my untrained eye I can see how it would be. However there is something very masculine with a bubbling threat of worse to come in the way in which he deals out the punishment here. Not to mention a very practise, firm hand.

I just wish that was me over his knee.
Now how to show this to my partner.

I have watched this 15 times since I found it and it is making me so hot and horny.

Stumbling into Mr Stephenson's Office.

I have been sneaking around in this blog for a very long time now. Not any more. No more sneaking for me, I joined it publicly.

At first I stumbled into this blog, while looking for blogs on spanking, little did I know just how informative the Mr Stephenson would become for me.

At first it was his profile photo that really caught my imagination, if this is truly him I would so love to be over his knee. Or in any other position that he required me to be in.

It's been a roller-coaster of a ride sneaking around Mr Stephenson's blog and his writing is so clear and precise that a total novice like me can easily learn an awful lot.

Mr Stephenson may not know it but he has been a fine teacher for me and I have a crush on him.
I often fantasize about him, even though I don't know what he looks like.
I imagine him (formed from his profile photo....I know silly me) to be like an old fashioned Headmaster and I am his clumsy secretary, whom he spanks over his desk.

Oh Mr Stephenson, if only you knew what you had unleashed in me the day I stumble into your office...*Le sigh*

About Me.

I have no idea where to start.
I want to be as honest as possible.
I need to keep my anonymity.
I am a female.
I am 38.
I have three children.
I don't know how to tell him I want more than he is giving me.
I have totally different sexual needs to him.

I like being spanked, and I want more.
BDSM turns me on, a lot.
I would love to have a Master, who would totally dominate me.
I think the fantasy of being owned will always remain just that, a fantasy.



This is the film that turned me on to being spanked, I never miss it when it is on.

It got me thinking about what it would be like to have a man that dominated me.

Trouble was I really didn't realise it at the time and for years thought there was something wrong with me for thinking that way.

It wasn't until I got a lap top a year ago that the whole world opened up to me.

Suddenly I wasn't alone with my thoughts and feelings. Years previously I had told my husband that I had these thoughts and he told me that I was depraved and promptly moved out of our marital bed and into our spare room.

He barely speaks to me these days, unless it is to order me around and tell me that I am a dirty whore, a cunt and worthless. But he doesn't realise that when he calls me names it turns me on greatly and so I do things to piss him off, so that he will get mad at me and call me names.

I like to walk around the house and do the housework naked or wearing sexy underwear.
He gets really mad at me and calls me a slut, bitch, whore, and any thing else he can think off and I LOVE IT.

So I will keep doing it, even though he won't touch me, because he really believes what he calls me. I never leave the house without him, he won't allow it. But he doesn't stop me from using the inter net.