Monday, 18 January 2010

Joining Some Sites ,Reading, Confusion, Cravings

I have joined a couple of sites and been all over the net looking for god knows what exactly.
Release I think.

I can't keep this in any longer, I have to find away to release all the pent up heat.
I want a man to take me and take me till my will breaks and caves to his.

I guess I am confused..............a lot, and scared....................... a little.

I have read a lot of blogs and realise that there are a lot of very, very expert men out there, true Masters.

Even just writing this and thinking about some of them I am getting a tingle, my nipples are growing hard and I am sucking my fingers on my right hand after I have just slipped them into my hot wet hole.

There is a Master out there for me, ones whose feet I can knee at, whose cock I can crave and whose Mastery of me will enslave me to him. When he selects me, he will find that while I want to be his pleasure slave and do his bidding that I expect, knowing me I will be a total pain and hard work. But I so want to try.

I know that I don't just want to be spanked, that's just a small part of what I want.

Oh the confusion is driving me mad...what is a girl to do?

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