Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Humiliation...oh the joy of it.

A friend of ours likes being humiliated. Her partner complies by giving her webbed duct tape gloves on her hands. Her hands are then nailed to a tree (using the webbed part to nail through) and a lemon, cut in half, is used as a gag. It makes her drool uncontrollably. She likes to be seen this humiliated.
I know why because it certainly floats my boat. I enjoy giggling with her because she gets off on it.

I just wish that I could be more open about my feelings towards it all and be braver. But I doubt now that I ever will be.
I think I am probably destined to just fantasise about it all.
I wish I could tell my friend that I often have thoughts about humiliation and that I long to be taken.
I wish I could confide in her, but she has a big mouth and likes to gossip.
I think maybe she already knows what's inside my head, but I can't tell anyone I know.

The picture above turns me on so much...I dream of this.
I love the way the men are so formally dressed, while she is naked and at their mercy.
There is nothing I won't do to find myself in this position.
I have to say that I wouldn't mind it if my Master shared me in this way, as I know it would be good for me and that it would please my Master.

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